A frequently asked question

Does the company offer financial aid for the needy?

According to its license, the company is not entitled to collect and redirect donations to its beneficiaries.

Does the company offer its services outside Kuwait?

Yes, it has clients outside Kuwait in several different countries.

3- Does the company have a Shariah body?

Yes, it has a Shariah body specializing in Zakat business activities.

4- Does the company calculate the Zakat of plants, palms, fruits, and livestock?

Yes, the company offers Zakat calculation service for various business and investment activities.

5- Does the company calculate the client's investments in global markets?

The company tracks the client’s assets wherever they are and calculates zakat for each of them.

6- Does the company make financial statements for business activities?

This service is not provided by our company.

7- Does the company calculate Zakat family portfolios?

Yes, the company provides Zakat calculation service for all investment activities, whether in the form of companies, family portfolios, or individual investments.

8- Does the company provide zakat calculation service to accounting offices or capital management investment companies?

Yes, the company offers this service and has various strategic collaborations with accounting offices and capital management investment companies.

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